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July 19, 2017

Venise Amis

After nearly four weeks, our "Venitian" adventure is coming to an end. In a couple of days, we'll be packing up our bags and continuing our journey. But before that, let's advertise our dear Airbnb in Olmo: Ca'Hurria .

Ca'Hurria is basically an association of social advancement that seeks to encourage exchanges between people of different origins, cultures or languages. It is in this context that was born the Airbnb in Olmo, designed to improve multicultural exchange between tourists and citizens, who want to meet and live together.

We've been having a great time with our hosts Beatrice, Sara and their families. We've also had the opportunity of meeting quite a lot of backpackers, travelling the world or at least a part of it.

Here for the guided tour of the house, its hosts, its pets and its guests...

A big applause to our young artist, Bianca, and to her friend Elena, as well as to our two hosts, Beatrice and Sara, who actively contributed to the painting.

Please, meet our hosts Beatrice and Sara, the queens of "facciamo tutto"! From the houskeeping to the cooking, from the painting to the masonry, from the gardening to the mower, they're the all-skill experts. Sometimes they get some help from mom and dad even from the little brother, which makes pretty convivial and animated atmospheres. Thank you for those shared moments around the paste del papà at lunch time or around the barbecue at night time with the company of the house's pets.

During this month at the Airbnb, we've met many nice people. Having shared nice evenings with our neighbors ans globetrotters from all over the world, Ca'Hurria has kept his promises for social advancement and sharing. You'll find here some souvenir pics from new friends without forgetting the ones, who weren't captured by the camera, but with whom we'd however spent time during our stay in Venice.

If you have this backpacker's spirit and are planning a trip to Venice, we recommand you to stop at Ca'Hurria.

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