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Do you share our idea of a world tour? Are you looking forward to following us on our journey? Would you be happy to help us with our adventure? Then please read below to find out how to make an active contribution.

This page is intended to encourage interactions between our online followers, by creating a platform of exchange. Through your contribution, or simply through the contact form , please suggest must-see places that we might not find in the tourist guides; or encourage us to visit people across the world that are your friends or whom you met during one of your own trips. Or maybe even suggest unusual activities that we couldn’t even dream of. We’re counting on you!!

In order to make this a more attractive and dynamic trip for our internauts, we propose that you challenge us! You’re the ones in control of the challenges.

For us, a successful challenge means the possibility to go further with our adventure but also the opportunity to help people in need by providing them with clothes, food or medication or even to participate in development activities such as school projects.

Proof of the successful challenge will be posted on the blog and sent by email to the challenger. Once validated, the amount for the challenge will be paid according to the preferred payment method chosen.

Aid projects will also be put online during our journey.


Aid projects' funding pot

CHF 100

How to participate? Complete the form below.



If you recognize yourself in one of the following points…:

  • In one of your journeys, you have experienced something particularly interesting, discovered sites really worth it, met wonderful people and want us to meet them too…
  • A route, a safari, a crossing has been in your head for a while and you want us to scout out the situation…
  • You’ve located a destination on our route that awakes your curiosity and to which you want to contribute…
  • For whatever reason you are not be able to travel and want us to bring you pictures, videos or a souvenir from your dream spot…
  • You’ve watched a show on TV that might be of interest and linked to our adventure…

… please let us know. Guide us through the discovery path for the amount of your choice.

We’ll put pictures and/or videos online on our blog and also send them to the recipient. Once completed, the amount of your contribution will be paid according to the payment method of choice.


How to participate? Complete the form below.

Go ahead!


Less poetic, but nonetheless necessary, here is the opportunity to contribute to the daily expenses or to the costs of mileage (1 km = 0.62 mile).

Here are a few concepts to help you out:

  • Approximate daily expenses: CHF 20.-/day per person
  • Average budget for a kilometer by truck: CHF 1.-/km (included fuel, customs, ship, maintenance, toll)

Choose the method of payment that suits you best. Please leave a note in the contact form . Will be happy to read you. Thank you for your contribution, we’re relying on you!

You just want to contribute with minimum fuss? You’re at the right place!

Choose the method of payment which suits you best and don’t hesitate to leave a message in the contact form . Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

payment methods

With our sincere thanks !

With normal bank transfer to :

World tour

Carole & Mike


IBAN CH47 0026 4264 1166 3040 J

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