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Travel diary

A guy, a girl take a trip around the world. But where does this idea come from ? And why so long ?

It was on a February morning in 2015, we were discussing travel destinations…

There are so many reasons to travel. We wanted something different, an in-depth journey bringing us to the edge of the world, to the edge of ourselves, pushing us to the limit. Mike, for instance, has been thinking for a while about moving to Asia, far away from everyday life in Europe. It is the desire to learn, to open ourselves, to discover, to share a bit of ourselves and encounter the other that is what most attracts us.

Once you’ve started travelling, you’ll never want to stop. And with so many places to visit and only a few weeks a year to do so, Mike’s idea of a world-trip immediately excited us !

We both had come to a turning point in our career, and without children, we were free to move anytime. We sold our house, took a voluntary break from professional life and planned our date of departure for mid-April 2016. For sure, it is at that time that our adventure began…

Between ups and downs, our planning period exposed us to moments of intense and unique emotions. Moment of sadness as we handed over the key of our home and experienced the « homeless » sensation ; moment of pure magic at that first day of truck-school delivering high thrills whilst behind the wheel we felt like the king of the world ; also moment of euphoria as we realised that we’d just purchased a truck ! Awesome !

Our optimism had sometimes been punctuated by deceptions. Picture our faces as the living unit we reserved weeks ago just slipped through our fingers less than a month before departure ! Or when it took one year to build and finalize our living unit rather than the initial four contractual months. Or that time when we had to buy a new engine due to the fact that it broke right after having brought the truck back from Germany. Fortunately and with a bit of hindsight, we ward off bad luck and see all the good stuff that comes with the extended preparation time : new job opportunities ; improved comfort and general condition of the truck as well as increased fuel mileage ; thorough knowledge of the truck maintenance, which will avoid unnecessary complications during our trip ; better preparation of the journey ; extra time with loved ones and friends, etc.

The date of departure will finally take place in May 2017. Between tears and smiles, we’ve built our puzzle and here we are, two years later, ready to hit the open road ! The countdown is on !!

Follow the preparations by visiting our Blog page.

As everyone knows, there are many ways to travel. Then why choose to leave by truck ? Our choice is the result of many considerations.

We knew that our journey would last at least one year. It was essential for us to keep our privacy, which eliminates backpacking in private homes or in youth hostels – though we still have the opportunity to do so, if the occasion arises. Regarding air travel and sleeping in hotels, it can quickly become very expensive and limits where we can go. Therefore we needed our own means of locomotion and to be able to carry our house.

There is a wide range of vehicles on the market. We needed an all-terrain one to get away of the beaten track. Furthermore, a bed with a full slatted base and a normal mattress appeared to be indispensable for such a long journey. Finally, knowing that we may need to stay many days or even many weeks in the same location, the vehicle should be large enough to cohabit, move within a very small living space, shower and cook while standing. The truck satisfies these needs in addition to providing good safety due to its size and having increased fuel mileage and water.

To know more about the expedition vehicle, go to The Truck .


Here is the goal in itself : to go AROUND the world, taken literally.

At this time, we’ve given up on Africa : too many countries at war and so few safe roads. We’ve chosen to go east around the world, with Asia and South America as our main objectives. We’ll also cross Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East as well as Australia and maybe New Zealand. If our financial means allows it, we’ll head further for the United States and Canada.

We have our preliminary route mapped out. We will make the necessary adjustments if the situation so requires, such as political conditions, weather forecasts, customs, etc.

Take the steps on our journey by clicking on Route .

The trucktrotters

At a glance

A handyman, a girl in the shadows


They will always travel with us


You went through so much misfortune and yet…
your courage and your tenacity were an example. You represented a model with your good mood and kindness, always giving people the best of yourself. Gone too soon after a long illness, you would have loved to travel, but this was hindered by health treatments. How ironic… today I travel thanks to you ! Thank you my dear godmother ! I dedicate these landscapes and encounters to you. You will always be part of the journey, in my head and in my heart !

Monique named 'La Vouipe'


My dear papa, generous and loving people, you were passionate of history, culture, philosophy and religion. Papa, you loved to share and debate about all these things. It is you who gave me this taste of the other, this desire to travel the world. I wanted so much to share this new life of discovery with you, thus that is a trace of you that will come along with us around the world. For, as you used to tell us your kids, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love”.

Frank named 'Marc'